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The Smart Building Platform (SBP) is a smart real-estate solution. It consists of many modules that can function as stand-alone products or be combined into one integrated solution. At its core, the SBP’s automated building control module enables predictive optimization of buildings to significantly improve energy efficiency and comfort levels. Using the automated control module, users save on average 20% on gas or heat and 3% on electricity.

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Add-ons include electricity, gas, and heat submetering systems, including data visualizations to enable complete oversight of building energy flows. The SBP can be further extended with the environmental sensing package, including installing sensor clusters that track air quality and comfort levels in each room or building zone.

With its advanced data analytics tools, the SBP goes beyond just energy to support the diverse needs of real-estate owners in getting a better grasp on building performance and setting KPIs to achieve sustainability goals. Portfolio-wide benchmarking, financial analytics, and automated reporting are just some of the features available with customized content access for different roles, such as the board member and property manager. Access the information anytime and anywhere via the intuitive online interface.