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Smartvatten was founded in 2013 and has been committed to making sustainability user-friendly ever since. Because we have made it our mission to continuously ask the right questions and come up with the best solutions, we have grown from creating energy certificates to providing simple water-saving devices in Finland, to facilitating the remote monitoring of water consumption in real estate across Europe.


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What we do
1. Our device comes equipped with a camera, is installed on your property’s water meter, and then tracks and records your water consumption in real-time.
2. The device is directly linked to our cloud-based software, where your data is collected and analyzed without delay.
3. Any deviations in water consumption trigger an alert – helping you to quickly respond to leaks, preventing serious damage to your property.
4. Our reports provide you with detailed insight into your water consumption, which we can use to help you create a clear water strategy to save water, time and money.

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