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Across all asset classes there is a significant need to consistently measure user engagement, gather insights and create industry benchmarking. In addition, the ability to produce quality data and measurement surrounding the “S” in ESG has become essential.

Prior to simplydbs, the CRE industry lacked the ability to measure resident and tenant preferences and satisfaction in a quick-time, circular manner with an “always-on, always-listening” platform.

simplydbs has created that solution.

Our mission is to bring tenant and resident feedback to the forefront; providing developers, managers and investors the insights required to build spaces and experiences that reflect the needs of users.

As a trusted third-party, we use custom surveys and/or 365 feedback solutions to power the industry in developments, capital investments and strategic plans with demand data from those in the spaces we live, work and play.

Leasing, asset management, investor relations and property management all benefit when powered with data and insights at the user, tenant and resident level.

Let us propel your teams forward with data generated directly from your customers. Leave assumptions behind and find out what they really need and want.

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