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Driven by the need for better tools and a commitment to harnessing technology to address the complex challenges facing the built environment today, the Scaler Platform is specifically designed to take the pain out of ESG and empower the real estate industry to make and achieve ambitious goals.

We are a passionate team with expertise spanning real estate, data, technology, and ESG consulting. Scaler is dedicated to excellence in user experience, building a platform at the forefront of what our customers want in a complex and evolving market.

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Key Features

Collect data for any use case

Collaborate across stakeholders with the most advanced and intuitive UX to ensure the data behind your analytics is complete, correct, and of the highest quality. Input data directly via API integration or bulk upload. Use our Survey Tool for effective process management and collect qualitative metrics with our Governance Tool. With full and transparent access, edit and export all data points at any time. You are the owner of your data.

Analyze and monitor performance
Scaler makes it simple to identify and focus on your lowest-performing assets and helps to determine the greatest opportunities for improving performance.

Set targets and model impact
Scaler’s powerful machine learning models guide you in creating a custom net zero carbon roadmap. We will help you adopt the most effective measures and model the impact of your decisions against targets so you can stay on track every step of the way.

Manage and report ESG data
Generate an unlimited number of reports for GRESB, EU Taxonomy, CSRD, SFDR, TCFD, GRI, INREV, EPRA, SCECR, SASB, and many more in one place. Unburden your team and let them get back to making an impact.

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