Redaptive Inc.

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PROBLEM – Getting energy and utility data is difficult.
SOLUTION – Redaptive makes it easy to capture interval electrical consumption in a low cost and scalable way using our world class IoT sub meter and energy analytics platform.
We help customers to…
  • Easily consolidate data across their portfolio for streamlined GRESB reporting
  • Perform rich energy analysis, access streamlined reporting, and quantify energy savings opportunities with our energy analytics platform ElectronBI 
  • Gain additional granularity and help them identify energy reduction projects, and perform measurement verification to track program success
  • Better understand asset operations and energy consumption in their facilities with the help of our energy engineering support staff
  • For real estate owners, we help to streamline GRESB reporting, improve understanding of tenant operations, and provide additional amenities to tenants by helping to identify energy savings project opportunities. Additionally, we measure power quality in the facility and help with sub tenant division of utility spend.
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Redaptive Inc.

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