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RE Tech Advisors was founded on the belief that environmental performance supports financial success, and that value can be unlocked through smart environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies. RE Tech Advisors personnel have decades of experience supporting the investment and fiduciary objectives of real estate leaders, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for today’s market challenges.

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RE Tech Advisors works with clients to facilitate the design, implementation, reporting, and communication of ESG programs from multiple perspectives:

  • Property Support: Services that enhance asset value and reduce risks through improved operations and cost management, including sustainability assessments, LEED, ENERGY STAR and green building certifications, due diligence, and utility cost recovery.
  • Portfolio Performance: Comprehensive ESG programs tailored to the needs of real estate investors, including policy, governance, and organizational development, voluntary reporting (GRESB, UN PRI, CDP, NCREIF), management reporting and analytics, and marketing support.
  • Market engagement: Strategies to promote and advance real estate best practices through research, partnership, and training, including the development of market intervention strategies, market research and analysis, and community and stakeholder engagement.

Core to RE Tech Advisors’s work is the assessment of performance through asset and peer comparison. RE Tech Advisors regularly supports GRESB participants to benchmark their environmental, social, and governance programs, and to translate GRESB results into real estate success. RE Tech Advisors has been a GRESB member since 2012, and RE Tech Advisors’s Deb Cloutier sits on the GRESB Benchmarking Advisory Committee. Their team has benchmarked over 1,500 buildings nationwide, and were instrumental in the development and success of the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® program for commercial real estate. In addition, RE Tech Advisors acts as the prime contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Initiative.

RE Tech Advisors is based in the Washington, DC metro area and is proud to be a Woman-Owned Small Business.

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