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QUANTREFY is the world’s first ESG implementation platform. It supports asset and portfolio managers by real-time calculation of important ESG scorings, one-click reporting, and much more – most importantly, by calculating intelligent optimization proposals based on building data. And even finding, commissioning, and managing suitable service providers for its realization is possible directly within QUANTREFY.

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Start optimizing instead of just analyzing! QUANTREFY is the first ESG platform for the real estate business that not only reports but actively supports you in optimizing your assets. And it does so entirely in one platform – without media breaks. Quinn, your intelligent ESG assistant, provides you with systematic optimization suggestions for your assets based on precise data and artificial intelligence. Including estimated costs, amortization, and positive climate effects. Enabling you to tender and contract optimization measures, map your asset´s ESG performance, and report the progress – this is the heart of QUANTREFY. We put an end to mere reporting and give you everything you need to enhance your portfolio sustainably! Today’s sustainability, tomorrows returns.

Deep integration of GRESB:
QUANTREFY provides you with a daily update of how your GRESB score would look today and lets you track its evolution in detail. Furthermore, the platform significantly simplifies the annual GRESB assessment and its preparation for you and your team.