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Poppy is the indoor health company. Using the world’s first digital indoor air tracing system as the most cost-effective way to meet the new ASHRAE Standard 241 for all buildings across 130+ nations, hundreds of building operators and corporations are unlocking energy cost savings while keeping occupants healthy.

Poppy’s breakthrough real-time tracer particle system digitally verifies the impact of all purification, filtration, and ventilation measures. Customers can save money within days of starting Poppy using solutions ranging from a rapid, zero-install building certification service to 3D professional digital airflow mapping and 24/7 ventilation monitoring with IAQ, wildfire, vape, and smoke detection.

Recognized as the 5th Most Innovative Company by Fast Company magazine, Poppy was built by a team of Stanford, MIT, Microsoft, Meta, GE Healthcare, and Philips Health alumni, along with an esteemed scientific advisory board. Established in 2019 in San Francisco, Poppy serves customers across the US, Canada, and Europe. Learn more at poppy.com.

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