Partner Energy

Consultant Partner

Partner Energy is a nationwide provider of energy efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency consulting and engineering services for all phases of the asset lifecycle. Our team of professional engineers, architects, sustainability consultants, certified commissioning professionals, building scientists, and real estate experts help our clients achieve their goals both on a portfolio and individual property level.

Partner Energy was founded in 2009 by real estate and engineering professionals, Tony Liou and Joe Derhake. Tony and Joe started Partner Energy after noticing an increase in demand for energy efficiency and sustainability consulting services due to the onset of complex energy efficiency and disclosure laws, rising energy costs, and global awareness of climate change.
Partner Energy’s dedication to providing consistent and quality services nationwide has awarded us a reputation that separates us from the competition. We are technology and product agnostic, and work with clients to identify, capitalize, and implement accretive energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability, and climate risk and resiliency projects for both new and existing buildings. With scalable nationwide coverage, our boots-on-the ground team has a business first approach and provides fiscally sound solutions that reflect our clients’ individual goals.

Partner Energy has experience working with diverse property types, including multifamily developments, municipalities and institutional agencies, industrial and commercial, hospitality and resorts, office and retail spaces, and mixed-use buildings. Our clients include real estate owners and managers, lenders, government agencies, higher education institutions, developers, architects, utility providers, and national Energy Services Companies (ESCOs).
Partner Energy HQ is based in Southern California. We are a division of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., a nationwide provider of environmental and building science services.

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