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Onnec iQ is a leading Master Systems Integrator (MSI) with our own unique smart building data platform.
Expertise in BMS, cyber, data, software, & project management, successfully delivering digital building projects for global brands for many years.

We enable customers to act on device-level energy & performance data without sub-metering. A breakthrough solution, lowering cost, time, and resource barriers for customers with Net Zero aspirations.

1. Enhanced sustainability performance: Optimize building performance & energy consumption.

2. Improved transparency & reporting: Onnec iQ’s comprehensive data collection and management capabilities enable members to more easily monitor, analyze, action and report on various building performance metrics.

3. Streamlined benchmarking and comparison: Onnec iQ’s harmonized data points and building ontology simplify the process of benchmarking and comparing sustainability performance across different properties and portfolios.

4. Faster implementation and reduced costs: Onnec iQ’s accelerated onboarding, zero-touch provisioning, and auto-discovery features minimize the time and costs associated with implementing and maintaining Smart Building solutions.

5. Scalability and adaptability: Onnec iQ’s flexible and interoperable platform supports seamless integration with various building systems, communication protocols, and devices.

6. Risk management and resilience: Onnec iQ’s proactive device and data state change management system helps GRESB members promptly identify and address potential issues.

7. Enhanced stakeholder engagement: By leveraging Onnec iQ’s capabilities, GRESB members can improve the building occupants experience and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to attract like-minded investors, tenants, and partners.

Onnec iQ, enables benchmarking, reduced carbon & costs, and transparency, to attract ESG-focused investors, tenants & employees, all while adding value to their real estate assets.

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