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nanoGrid® is the leading service provider for real-time monitoring of energy consumption in real estate assets in Europe. With the objective of optimizing ESG reporting on energy usage and maximizing energy savings potentials, nanoGrid’s platform enables businesses to compare exhaustive data across sites, nations and building types using an end-to-end-cloud software.

Companies like Goodman, CBRE and WDP, counting over 12 million of m2 managed in asset area, monitor and manage their energy consumptions using nanoGrids solution. The data streams have been helping to save on energy & water continuously for over 12 years, thanks to a diligent installation process of the physical metering devices on site, algorithmized remote controlling and thorough longterm-maintenance. With the aim of addressing two of the most significant difficulties for energy management – data integrity & completeness – each step is carried out meticulously.

The software provides an actionable & holistic overview for real-time consumption management. Data streams can be seamlessly integrated into 3rd party ESG reporting tools. As part of its extensive capabilities, nanoGrid features a deep integration with GRESB, offering data-driven services and insights that support businesses in meeting their sustainability goals.

nanoGrid’s commitment lies in assisting companies towards deep sustainable insights and environmental stability. The platform drives the paradigm shift towards sustainable energy consumption while capitalizing on the existing building infrastructure to optimize individual energy profiles.

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