Michael Bendewald Vice President, Sustainability Solutions

Mantis Innovation

Solution Provider Partner

As more businesses journey towards increased sustainability, they need experienced partners to transform today’s operations into tomorrow’s results. Mantis Innovation delivers smart, sustainable solutions to improve facility performance from any starting point along this journey.

We provide managed facility services and turnkey program management with technology-enabled solutions that target the entire building footprint from roofs, walls, and pavement, to HVAC, lighting, and power. We augment in-house technology with world-class engineering, budget forecasting, and ingenious procurement methodology. Mantis empowers clients to leverage their facility data – and makes it accessible to key decision-makers from the boiler room to the board room.

Mantis leverages expertise from a vast array of professional disciplines in engineering, comprehensive data collection and analysis, technology-enabled solutions, and a network of trusted partners.

We offer a full suite of services including; strategic energy procurement and demand response; climate impact reduction and reporting; solar, roofing, building envelope, HVAC, and pavement, assessment, capital planning, design, and construction management; and lighting, HVAC/mechanical and building automation systems improvements and implementation. Mantis is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with office locations across the United States from Massachusetts to Washington.

Read “National Storage Affiliates’ sustainability journey: Utilizing energy management for improved operational performance and ratings” to learn more about how Mantis Innovation works with its clients to improve their sustainability performance.

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