Ruth Rozpide, Associate Director - Sustainability

Mace Group

Consultant Partner

Founded in 1990, Mace is one of the world’s leading consultancy companies within the real estate and infrastructure sectors. They employ over 6.300 professionals who are based across 70 countries who strive to ensure that their clients’ objectives are met. They have successfully delivered many hundreds of projects worldwide by implementing the best work practices and employing high-quality professionals who combine a sound experience with a series of continuous training programs.

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The sustainability department of Mace in Spain provides environmental consultancy services and is supported by a strong multidisciplinary team comprised of sustainability professionals specialized in different fields including architects, MEP engineers or environmental science graduates, among others. Mace’s goal is to accompany clients in the transition towards sustainability, strengthening communication among GRESB and all kinds of real estate companies.

Legislation, the market and stakeholders are increasingly demanding for more information about non-financial performance and higher transparency about how organizations lead environmental, social and governance issues (ESG). Thus, they can develop policies, schemes and measures from an ESG point of view for clients, including the implementation, management and monitoring of these actions or improvement schemes; thus transforming GRESB requirements into actions that will surely add value to the company and enhance strategies to achieve the best ratings.

Based on their experience they understand the changing reality of climate change, so they are able to help clients understand and evaluate impact, as well as to identify and manage the risks and opportunities posed by it, thus enabling companies to participate in the GRESB Resilience module. Mace is a member of the Breeam Advisory Board, and they are fully accredited to certify in all the sustainable construction schemes and so, to develop strategies in order to optimize the ratings for the GRESB New Construction module.

Their team also develops corporate sustainability reports, ESG training programs for both staff and stakeholders, and any other actions such as carbon footprint reduction, biodiversity, wellness, etc.

Mace is a completely independent group and has no ties or business relationships with other construction companies or financial entities. As a result, clients can expect from Mace a completely professional service, solely intended to serve their best interests and achieving their objectives.


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