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A leading design company on the Italian architecture, engineering and strategic consultancy scene offering value-added services for the real estate industry.

Lombardini22 naturally aligns with ESG guidelines right from the design phase.

It views environmental, social and economic sustainability as an inescapable daily practice, a benchmark to be striven for on a day-to-day basis through the work of its entire community of professionals.

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Lombardini22 designs and operates along the entire real-estate chain to respond to the increasingly complex challenges and opportunities international standards and the market expect of us.

The team of ESG experts works in synch with the Lombardini22 business units focused on the Urban&Building, Workplace, Retail, Hospitality, Living, Education, Data Center and Civil Engineering markets.
This synergy is essential for designing in line with ESG guidelines from the very earliest stages in property development.

It helps sets design guidelines on issues related to decarbonisation, energy saving, obtaining LEED, WELL, BREEAM, FITWEL and WIREDSCORE, EARTHCHECK certification, and the application of CAM (Minimum Environmental Standards) in the case of public procurement.

It develops design processes based on highly specialised processes, such as nZEB, Life Cycle Assessment, dynamic plant modelling, and the implementation of environmental protocols in the BIM process.

Insights written by Lombardini22:

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    S is not an ethical choice

    Sustainability is a broad concept involving the environment, society, and governance. To date, strategies concerning energy transition solutions have been widely discussed, but the importance of the social side of sustainability is still unclear. The S in Social (part of ESG) does not just stand for ethical choices, it also means actually improving the quality of life, and increasing inclusion and equality.

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