Brianna Yeung Sustainability Programme Manager

KSN Horizon

Consultant Premier

KSN Horizon are a multi-disciplinary sustainability and project management consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. We offer strategic sustainable solutions to new build projects and existing property portfolios for real estate investors and asset managers. With backgrounds in real estate investment, ESG strategy development, facilities management, green building design, green building certification, and energy auditing, our team can support your organisation at any stage in your sustainability journey.

At KSN Horizon, we are committed to working with our clients to maximise the benefits of participating in the GRESB Benchmark. By helping our clients improve data collection, we design detailed improvement plans that not only increase GRESB scores, but also reduces environmental impact in line to protect your business and its stakeholders. We offer education on sustainability trends and legislation to promote stakeholder engagement and ownership of your organisations’ impact at every level of the operation.

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