Phil Jonckheer, Partner


Consultant Solution Provider Partner

Keepfactor captures value for investment, asset and property managers in real estate by creating insight into the risk of tenants leaving and providing information that will help keep them. The algorithms of the web-based method, combine the results of satisfaction surveys of its users with data from leases. These combinations give insights into the optimal possibilities for improvements presented in action plans.

Keepfactor keeps real estate occupied! They assess office, retail and logistic buildings.

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At the top-level the algorithms enable prioritizing buildings for (maintenance) investments and help to target high-risk tenants for timely communication, supporting landlords to focus on the most effective measures to improve the value of their portfolio.

Keepfactor assesses the performance and effectiveness of property management. Keepfactor delivers grades, NPS-scores, KPI’s and benchmark information on different levels. Instructing Keepfactor results in at least 4 points in the GRESB-score. Let us help you improve your investments.