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JLL is a global financial and professional services firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management. Being responsible about sustainability is at the heart of their business – and they are fully equipped to help any organization throughout the world align their sustainability goals with their strategic business objectives, ultimately driving outcomes that benefit people, processes, profitability and the planet.

Their global team is comprised of more than 1,500 sustainability-accredited professionals across the globe – and their deeply experienced Energy and Sustainability Services practice is part of an industry-leading platform of overall commercial real estate and financial services. Since they understand every aspect of operating portfolios toward both environmental and financial objectives, they can make sure a strategy that looks good on paper will support your sustainability, technology, ROI and social responsibility goals once it is implemented because they excel at execution.

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JLL’s sustainability consultants can help you to create and communicate your sustainability vision, strategy, activities, performance and future goals to a broad range of stakeholders. Whether helping you to draft your first corporate sustainability report or engaging your staff through sustainability training programs, their professionals can guide you from concept and design through implementation and performance measurement.

With unrivalled experience and expertise across a range of sectors and geographies, JLL’s team understands sustainability within the context of your real estate strategy, and is ready to partner with you on your sustainability journey.