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The International Living Future Institute’s mission is to catalyze the transformation toward a world that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.

Their flagship program, the Living Building Challenge, is the most advanced, holistic certification for buildings. Living Building Certification with ILFI is 100% performance-based, takes place after a full year of demonstrated building operation, and is verified through a 3rd party auditor.

The Living Building Challenge certifies assets that generate more renewable energy than they use, operate in balance with their watershed, create healthy and non-toxic spaces for occupants, and give back more to the community around them. Living Building Challenge Certification allows owners to demonstrate best-in-class performance, clear return on investment, and better employee engagement. Living Building Challenge Certification validates achievements across many key CSR metrics, and can be used to validate progress toward Paris Accord carbon reductions, and the UN SDG’s.

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ILFI offers portfolio scale Volume Certification for assets pursuing the Living Building Challenge, or any of the following programs from ILFI:

Reveal Buildings Label

A simple, easy tool to communicate the exceptional energy efficiency profile of each asset in a portfolio.

Zero Energy Certification

For assets that are functioning on 100% renewable energy within a 12 month period.

Zero Carbon Certification

For assets that have offset 100% of associated carbon emissions, both embodied and operational.

Core Green Building Certification

For assets that have achieved the 10 best practices of Core Green Building Certification.

Petal Certification

For assets that have completed the 10 Core Imperatives, and demonstrated deep regenerative design in one area by achieving all of the Energy, Water, or Materials Imperatives of the Living Building Challenge.

About the International Living Future Institute

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a nonprofit working to build an ecologically-minded, restorative world for all people. Using principles of social and environmental justice, ILFI seeks to counter climate change by pushing for an urban environment free of fossil fuels. ILFI runs the Living Building Challenge, which is the world’s most rigorous green building standard, and together with an ecosystem of other programs – the Living Product Challenge, the Living Community Challenge, and the Reveal, Declare and Just labels – to create a world which is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.