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InsureTEK, a pioneering B2B Platform aggregator, is changing smart water management in the built environment through cutting-edge digital technologies like IoT and AI/ML. We confront the critical challenge of annual water wastage amounting to 25%, which fuels environmental, financial, and operational impacts.
Our approach simplifies complexity by unifying trusted brands, providing a streamlined “one-stop-shop” for water management that allows businesses to focus on their core activities.

Our innovative solution goes beyond mere products and services. It embodies a vision that reshapes water’s role, turning challenges into opportunities. By leveraging the latest digital technologies, we drive water conservation, significantly reducing wastage and carbon emissions associated with water. This, in turn, fortifies resiliency and fosters sustainable assets. Additionally, our approach offers a granular view of water behavior in the built environment, a critical advantage for portfolio/asset owners and investors, particularly in light of increasing reporting obligations.

The financial and economic benefits of our solution are substantial. Clients experience direct cost savings via reduced water bills, early leak detection, and minimized maintenance expenses. This leads to fewer operational disruptions, lower legal liabilities for water incidents, and prolonged building asset life. Our solution aligns with lowered insurance expenditures by mitigating water risks and enhancing building profiles. Furthermore, our approach contributes to indirect savings by creating a healthier, safer working environment. InsureTEK is at the forefront of transforming water management, turning it from a challenge into a driver of sustainability, resilience, and cost-efficiency.

InsureTEK is proud to be an impact-making startup and a supporter of the UNSDGs. For more information, or to learn how our solution supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, please visit

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