Diana Sanchez, Senior Associate - Head of ESG

Hoare Lea LLP

Consultant Partner

Hoare Lea is a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy firm that specialises in the built environment.
Sustainability sits at the very core of Hoare Lea’s work. This goes beyond minimising and managing impacts, seeking to create long-term value and generate a flow of social, economic and environmental benefits to all stakeholders.

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Hoare Lea embraces a holistic approach that considers the five factors key to determining sustainable design and performance in the built environment: the people, the building, the social impact, the natural environment, and the economic impact. This enables the Firm to effectively integrate ESG issues across organisations and enable responsible business operation.

Hoare Lea’s Sustainability group is an ever-growing team of more than 50 specialists. Together, they are actively shaping the future of sustainable practices, working with clients to provide comprehensive ESG, health & wellbeing and circular economy strategies, materiality assessments, governance advice, sustainability and carbon reporting, whole-life carbon management, social value, and environmental assessment & modelling.

The team’s specialists are recognised as leaders in their field, driving forward industry development though cutting-edge research, authoring the latest guidance, and close work with influential organisations and committees. The result is an unrivalled ability to provide practical, informed, strategic advice that stays ahead of industry changes and sets Hoare Lea’s clients apart.

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    Engagement around ESG

    Applying ESG principles may better align investors with broader objectives alongside specific material aspects, thereby creating value for companies and investors.

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    Share & tear: Undervaluing common resources

    The future of ESG will need to utilize the driving force of financial institutions to mitigate the unequivocal level of capital at risk stemming from these twin emergencies. The return for this action will be progress towards the sustained use of the largest common resource, the natural environment. If businesses continue to treat it like ‘share & tear’ bread, it will similarly disappear too quickly.

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    Nature-Based Solutions: The Backbone of Sustainable Investment

    Historically, climate-related risks have been mitigated through grey infrastructure such as sewers and HVAC systems, singular in function and difficult to retroactively expand. However, the built environment industry is waking up to nature-based solutions as a multifunctional approach to climate adaptation whilst meeting wider ESG priorities.

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