Green Generation Solutions, LLC

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Green Generation (GreenGen) transforms the world’s built environment through innovation and solutions by integrating energy, real estate, technology, and capital markets to Operate in the Green®. From offices in Washington DC, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai, GreenGen helps its clients use energy and the environment as a driver of value and sustainability across all asset types around the world.

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GreenGen’s mission is to help our partners “Operate in the Green” over time. This concept is rooted in our focus on a double-bottom line: Profit and Planet. We believe that our solutions-oriented approach helps drive our clients’ profits (“green”) while also improving their ESG metrics (“green”); hence, the concept of operating in the green.

GreenGen’s business is divided into three units: Buildings (private and public sector), Infrastructure (power generation, renewable energy, carbon offsets), and Technology (venture investing, Research & Development). GreenGen has grown organically through its relationships, reference clients and inbound referrals. By delivering specific, customized outcomes and surpassing project expectations, GreenGen has developed a reputation for ESG excellence among investors and governments around the world.

Buildings – We provide turnkey energy solutions that include assessment, engineering, and project implementation. GreenGen’s global team of engineers (electrical, mechanical, lighting, environmental) evaluates a real estate asset and develops ROI-driven projects that include gross costs, rebates and incentives, and savings (energy, utility, repairs, insurance). Client deliverables are focused on insights and outcomes, and they take into account multiple stakeholders to create a dynamic insight into return on investment and value creation.

Technology – GreenGen believes that there exists a massive investment opportunity in the application of emerging technologies to the traditional industry of operating buildings and impacting climate change. Rooted in this belief, there are two purposes to GreenGen’s technology platform: research & development to support the Buildings and Infrastructure businesses; and creating value from investing in early-stage technology companies for GreenGen Ventures.

Infrastructure – Over the years GreenGen has expanded and developed expertise in green energy infrastructure. Through on-site solar, micro-grid, and co-generation, we lower costs, reduce price volatility, and decarbonize energy supply for our clients. Today this work extends to North America, Europe, and Asia and is leading to lower costs, reduced volatility, and decarbonization throughout the built environment. GreenGen currently has infrastructure projects throughout the world to engineer, develop, and own energy infrastructure. Infrastructure strategies include renewables, micro-grids and co-generation, and carbon offsets.