Vicki Worden, President & CEO

Green Building Initiative

Industry Partner

GBI is a nonprofit organization and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer dedicated to accelerating the adoption of green building best practices. Founded in 2004, the organization is the global provider of the Green GlobesĀ® building certification program, recognized by GRESB for full points under building certifications.

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GBI provides education, tools, and standards delivered through user-friendly software to help teams set and measure goals for the design, construction, operations, and evolution of their buildings and portfolios. GBI has third-party certified thousands of buildings and many hundreds of millions of square feet through its Green Globes certification program used by some of the largest portfolio managers in the world. Green Globes has a 1000 point rating system weighted toward items that provide the most value for owners, occupants and communities, including energy, water, waste, indoor air quality, health, wellness, and resilience.

It is adaptable to all building types from office, multifamily, retail/mixed use to warehouse/distribution, medical/health care, education, laboratories, stadiums, and more. It includes on-site assessments by expert Green Globes Assessors that deliver customized reports for planning capital improvements to maximize resource efficiency, health, resilience, and the environmental sustainability of buildings.

Green Globes is recognized as a global building certification by GRESB, B Corp., the U.S. and Canadian federal governments (general services, public works, and defense), 2030 Districts, and entities delivering financial and other incentives to demonstrate the social responsibility of owners through building certification. Green Globes is a critical component to achieving cost-effective verification of environmental and management systems that also contributes to risk mitigation for owners through onsite assessment, customized reports, and expert interactions that deliver certainty and a timely certification experience.

Pre-qualification is available to increase certainty. Timely certification results and outstanding customer service are a standard of practice every day for every client. To learn more about GBI and Green Globes certification, contact [email protected] or visit the GBI website at and LiveChat with one of our client service representatives. Read more here.