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Energy, Water, Waste, and GHG performance are key metrics in sustainability management and are increasingly viewed as a proxy for good management. Providing your teams with the tools and insights needed to drive down energy use, manage utility costs and report on key sustainability metrics is vital to avoid being overwhelmed by the data.


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  • Bring Order to Utility Cost Management and ESG Reporting with Trusted Data: Energy Profiles Limited (EPL) provides custom Energy Management Information Systems and Reporting for an aggregate commercial portfolio in excess of 7,000 properties and $1B in annual utility costs. These tools support and engage the gamut of real estate stakeholders, including property and operations teams, occupants/tenants, accounting personnel, and senior management.
  • Pursue Ever-Improving Performance with Advanced Analytics: Capitalize on advanced analytics and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) approaches to drive performance to new levels.
  • Make Informed Decisions by Leveraging Leading Expertise : EPL’s tools are used by #1 GRESB Global Sector Leaders.

Energy Profiles Limited (EPL) is a leading comprehensive, full-service provider of data-driven energy and sustainability data management and ESG reporting, predictive analytics, and independent/impartial expertise to owners and managers of large commercial property portfolios. Our cloud-based software platforms, Stream® Utility Tracker and Building Intelligence®, combine a deep understanding of building operations, the real estate industry, and technology to drive performance, improve cost efficiency, and advance sustainable operations. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, we serve some of the world’s largest private and public companies. EPL’s services include:

  • Utility Data, Cost, and Performance Management:
  • Energy, Water, and Carbon Performance Analytics
  • Utilities Accounting: Budgeting, Targeting, Tracking
  • Sustainability Data Management
  • Utility Invoice Control
  • Tenant Energy and GHG Emissions Portals
  • Sustainability Data Management and ESG Reporting:
  • GHG (Carbon) Emissions Reporting
  • GRESB Data Management and Reporting
  • Certification Tracking
  • 2-Way Sync with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Smart Building Analytics:
  • Building Intelligence®: Operational Analytics
  • Performance Monitoring and Targeting
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Tenant Submeter Cost Management and Real-Time Analytics:
  • Tenant Submeter Cost Management
  • Submeter Data Analytics
  • Energy Accounting Support
  • Submetering System Design
  • Consulting Services:
  • Deep Carbon Reduction Planning
  • Energy Purchasing
  • Sustainability and Performance Strategies
  • Capturing Utility Incentives