Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

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Commercial buildings are responsible for 28% of all carbon emissions, which is even more than the auto industry. This is why Cortex has developed its machine-learning decarbonization platform, the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective path to make massive strides towards the decarbonization of your portfolio, all while improving your GRESB scores and increasing your asset value. Their team is dedicated to eliminating 1TWH of energy use every year.

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The CRE industry is facing growing internal and external pressure from investors, owners, tenants, and stakeholders alike to create smart business strategies to reach substantial sustainability goals that, historically, have been incredibly costly, disruptive, and challenging to achieve.

To help you make the smartest decisions for your decarbonization initiatives this year, they have released a report that will provide you with the four most pressing predictions for CRE sustainability that may impact your business this year.

Cortex has announced a $6M series round to bring commercial real estate into a sustainable future. Read about it here.