Consultant Partner

Cooltree is a professional real estate sustainability consultancy.Our approach is to work from within your organization to both plan and execute an ESG strategy that is monitored and continually improved. Through this clear focused approach, we are able to provide a sustainability offering to the real estate sector encompassing strategy, data management and reporting through a unique combination of resource expertise. Learn more about our services, and how we can help you create a future-proof portfolio for your stakeholders while building a more resilient portfolio.

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ESG strategy & implemenation
Develop a long-term ESG strategy that complements your business operations, enabling you to meet the regulatory demands and expectations of your stakeholders.

Data analysis & monitoring
Analyse and monitor your sustainability performance and reduce your energy consumption, set CRREM targets and detailed improvement plans.

Sustainability data reporting
Develop and implement an approach that aligns with the GRESB Assessment requirements, including a clear plan to improve future GRESB performance.