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CBRE is the world’s leading commercial property and real estate services adviser, providing a comprehensive range of commercial property services to their clients – investors, occupiers and developers. Sustainability is ingrained into all specialisms across CBRE, with their Energy and Sustainability (E&S) team providing clients with a tailored approach to align property strategy with environmental, social and governance best practice. CBRE helps clients navigate legislation, reduce costs, improve asset performance and create more productive and healthy working environments.

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They have an extensive track record of stakeholder engagement, and unparalleled insight into sustainable property management, including translating GRESB requirements into meaningful strategies, performance and outcomes across investment portfolios. This ensures environmental programs are accurately reported in order to optimize performance under GRESB. In addition, CBRE’s E&S team also uses its knowledge and network to provide tailored sustainability programs to ensure, wherever possible, its clients are aligned to the GRESB scoring methodology.

Our offering is delivered through our globally integrated team which comprises over two hundred specialist energy and sustainability consultants across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. This enables CBRE to leverage their unique position as the world’s largest outsourced property manager, with the most extensive existing green building certification track record, to help clients.

In summary, CBRE helps our clients develop and review sustainability strategies to achieve optimal GRESB scores and provide real competitive advantage to meet ongoing sustainable goals.

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