BEE Incorporations


Alessandro Bisagni Founder & President

BEE Incorporations

Consultant Partner

BEE Incorporations has been delivering Conscious Engineering solutions to enable green and healthy indoor spaces globally since 2009. As a consultancy specialized in the coupling of technology and engineering, BEE supports clients on all aspects of building design, construction, renovation, and operation.


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BEE provides a range of services such as certifications, wellness advisory, smart building solutions, cloud-based monitoring, performance testing, and green materials solutions. The firm is committed to a circular economy, and its standards and frameworks measure and meet specific criteria that both unlock and support the ESG (environmental, social, governance) needs of clients. From addressing climate change through carbon-neutral solutions to creating new benchmarks for health & safety, our approach uses processes that are regenerative by design.

Headquartered in China, BEE has offices throughout the world and has successfully completed projects in 40+ countries. The firm works across all sectors and scales to help clients improve their building performance, and the client portfolio ranges from retail, hospitality, and commercial, to mixed-use developments.