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Apath Resilience provides ESG total solution maximizing asset value and enhancing the sustainability of investment in the changing real estate invest environment.


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ESG Total Solution
ESG total solution enables real estate owners and operators to identify the physical, social, industrial, and market ecological risks of climate change and secures the ‘Resilience’ of investment assets. We propose an optimizing way to realize this new investment competitiveness and value creation.

Apath Resilience provides an integrated and efficient ESG solution suitable for the real estate life cycle, from the planning of green projects to LEED certification and GRESB, issuance of green bond, management and operation and disclosure related EU taxonomy and SFDR by experts in each field.

  • ESG Due Diligence, Identifying and evaluating asset data to provide ESG due diligence reports
  • ESG Plan, Analyzing ESG risks to develop practicable improvement plans
  • ESG Certifications, Acquiring global ESG certification by conducting ESG performance evaluation in line with international standards
  • ESG Finance, Improving financial indicators from funding-ESG bonds, loans, and raising appraisal value- following ESG certification
  • ESG Performance Monitoring, Continuous monitoring of the operation of the asset and the ESG improvement and providing regular reports
  • ESG Disclosure, Analyzing portfolio related to EU Taxonomy and SFDR and reporting accordingly to meet the mandatory disclosure obligations