Benedict Marzahn Head of Product ESG & Asset Management


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Alasco supports the success of real estate across the entire property lifecycle. With a proven track record in cost and revenue management for clients like Hines, Garbe, and Incept, the company is stepping up to provide industry leaders with state-of-the-art ESG performance management. Alasco gives owners full control of their most important data, with overviews of ESG performance and financial data. Using just a few ESG data points, it builds accurate predictions of asset performance and informs proactive investment decisions, protecting asset value over the long term.

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The company was founded in 2018 by university friends and second-time founders Benjamin Günther, Sebastian Schuon and Anselm Bauer. More than 150 employers across the offices in Munich and London are working on the innovation solutions for the real estate industry to create a state of the art cloud-software that boosts efficiency through automation and standardised processes, and provides reliable real-time data for more confident decisions. Alasco is offered in German and English.

Integration of GRESB into our ESG Performance Management Solution to participate in the GRESB assessment directly via the API from Alasco. Further, we simplify data reporting processes for the GRESB certification process and support data capture by migrating our data and giving targeted optimisation suggestions to improve the GRESB performance.