IREI: Free special report on ESG investing

Institutional real estate investors across the globe are implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles as part of their overall investment approach, as they embrace the credo of “doing well by doing good.”

ESG Means Business, Spring 2018 is a special report published by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. in cooperation with GRESB and is a follow-up to ESG Means Business, a special report published in April 2017. This new 20-page free report focuses on the accelerating acceptance and maturing best practices of ESG investing.

Leading institutional real estate portfolio managers are migrating to even more-inclusive forms of ESG with longer-term outlooks, such as gearing up to face climate change, deep-thinking office and workplace health issues, engaging in regional cooperation, evaluating advanced building-management technologies, and moving from passive to proactive in the development of ESG-worthy properties.

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