The 2022 GRESB Assessments are now open for participation

The GRESB Portal is now open for participation in the 2022 Assessments. Please log into the Portal to start reporting.

Given the ongoing process to establish the GRESB Foundation and the work to develop a five-year Roadmap for GRESB, changes to the GRESB Assessments for 2022 are limited in scope. This will help ensure stability for Members in the near term while giving the Foundation time to identify key priorities and introduce strategic improvements as part of the development of the Roadmap.


Improvements to the GRESB Portal

Since the last assessment cycle, we have made a number of updates to the GRESB Portal to improve overall user experience and to address speed-related issues that several Members experienced as they worked in the Portal just before the July 1 deadline last year.

Of particular note, we:

  • Refactored the real estate asset-level aggregation from scratch
  • Added new filters on the Infrastructure Assessment page for easier navigation between funds and assets
  • Introduced new outlier checks on the GAV, Revenue and NAV values that participants can provide
  • Made it possible for listed companies to see which Investor Members have access to listed data on the Access page

While all updates will make the Portal more user friendly, the time spent refactoring the asset-level aggregation is expected to significantly improve the overall performance and speed of the GRESB Portal, leading to better performance for all users. Please note that we still encourage everyone to submit their assessments as early as possible to avoid heavy traffic on the site as the reporting deadline approaches.

If you have any assessment-related questions at any stage of the process, please contact us here and we will get back to you within two working days.


Product Updates

One Portal update you will not see when you first log in relates to our new products: the Transition Risk Report, the TCFD Report and the SFDR Assessments. We are currently finalizing updates to the Portal interface for these products, which will be introduced to the Portal in the coming months.


The Transition Risk Report is now available

We are happy to announce that the Transition Risk Report is now available to members prior to the product’s official launch later this quarter. If you are interested in gaining early access to the report, please contact Kevin Kirby or Steven Pringle. You can find more information about the Transition Risk Report on our website and download a sample report here.

Please note that the report is only available to Real Estate participants.

For any questions related to your membership account or our products and services, please contact our Member Relations team:

Guidance, Training and Live Q&As

Our goal is to ensure a smooth reporting process. The Portal provides a Guidance tab for each indicator in the Assessment, outlining what information should be provided. You can also find a step-by-step guide on our Participant Guidance page. All Assessment resources can be found here.

If you would like to improve your knowledge and skills in reporting to the Assessments, you can sign up to our online training platform. For further assistance, you can reach out to our global network of partners who can assist with any reporting needs.

The GRESB team will be hosting live Q&A sessions in mid-April to accompany the online training course. Check out the dates outlined here.

Please remember to contact our Helpdesk at any time if you have any questions about the Assessment process or need our assistance.

We look forward to supporting you throughout the reporting period.