The 2019 GRESB Assessments are now available in Pre-release

Earlier this month we published the pre-release versions of the 2019 GRESB Assessments. Each year real estate and infrastructure managers and companies use the Assessments to measure, benchmark and improve their sustainability programs and report to their investors on their ESG performance.

The attention from investors on ESG performance has never been higher. At last count, over 80 institutional investors, representing over USD 18 trillion in institutional capital, use GRESB ESG data and tools in their investment decision-making.

The 2019 Assessments have been shaped by an extensive engagement with our stakeholders, industry working groups and governance bodies. The changes reflect the evolution of the investment industry as measured by the benchmark, support our efforts to improve data quality and establish the building blocks for improved measurement of real-world performance and impacts over the next few years. 

The Pre-release materials are available on the Participant Guidance page, together with a step-by-step guide to successfully completing the Assessments when the portal opens on April 1, 2019. You can also review the 2019 Assessments by following the direct links below:

Improve your reporting to the GRESB Assessments

Register for 2019 GRESB Assessment Training to get up to speed with the Assessment process, learn how validation, scoring and benchmarking works and receive practical reporting tips. Whether you are a real estate or infrastructure fund manager, asset operator, consultant or sustainability professional, the training will help you to improve your ESG reporting through the GRESB Assessments.