Infra gets set for SFDR reporting

Rick Walters, GRESB’s Director Infrastructure comments on the readiness of the Infrastructure asset class for the coming EU regulations in this year’s Sustainable Investing Report from Infrastructure Investor.

Rick’s article compares the 2020 Infrastructure Fund Assessment with the 32 specified indicators of the SFDR reporting requirements. This exercise showed that the 2020 Infrastructure Fund Assessment is already 70 percent aligned with the SFDR. For most indicators, more than 70 percent of participants are already also reporting.

“GRESB Infrastructure participants are already in solid shape for SFDR reporting and we are working closely with our governance groups to ensure full alignment when the regulations come into force next year”

Subscribers of Infrastructure Investor can access the full 2020 Sustainable Investing Report report by clicking here – non-subscribers/members of GRESB are welcome to contact [email protected] directly for a copy of the report. This year’s report considers how covid-19 could be the catalyst for a green future; how to promote good governance; and looks at LPs leading the climate change charge – plus much more.