GRESB’s new SFDR Reporting Solution allows real estate managers to solve the hardest part of reporting with real data

Reporting insights will be generated through a new SFDR Assessment for real estate funds. An SFDR Assessment for infrastructure funds will be available later in the year. 

Amsterdam, July 25, 2022: GRESB has launched an SFDR Reporting Solution for real estate, designed to help managers with Article 8 or Article 9 funds meet the most arduous part of the new regulation – reporting on product- and entity-level ESG practices.

SFDR Report for real estate

SFDR Reporting Solution

The SFDR Reporting Solution provides an interactive report that includes all the information needed for a fund manager to finalize a Principal Adverse Impact Statement, a core requirement under SFDR. The report – which will be made available following the completion of the new SFDR Assessment for real estate – highlights a fund’s:

  • Overall product characteristics and environmental impacts, as defined by SFDR
  • Energy consumption, estimated GHG emissions, water usage and waste generation
  • Aggregated performance on each of the relevant Principal Adverse Impact Indicators

In cases where a fund manager doesn’t have a full picture of a building’s energy consumption – which is common with triple net leases – participants can choose to use the GRESB Estimation Model (GEM), which provides a highly accurate stand-in for the missing data by comparing the floor area, location and property subtype of the building against the entire GRESB database.

“Now, fund managers can tackle SFDR’s central data challenge and future-proof their year-over-year reporting from the start with better data,” said Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of GRESB. “We created this solution to provide fund managers with the flexibility and the data they need to stay compliant at a very competitive price and time investment. And a significant portion of the SFDR reporting burden has been eliminated for entities that have already reported asset-level data through the 2022 GRESB Real Estate Assessment.”

Product availability

The SFDR Assessment for real estate is accessible now in the GRESB Portal. Learn more about the SFDR Reporting Solution or schedule a demo at: