GRESB seeks nominations for Foundation Board, Standards Committees and Expert Groups

This nomination is now closed.

The GRESB Foundation is currently seeking dedicated candidates to sit on its inaugural Foundation Board, Standards Committees and Expert Resource Groups.

GRESB is a mission-driven and industry-led organization, and the purpose of the newly established Foundation Board is to own and govern the standards on which the GRESB Assessments are based. The foundation’s goal is to ensure that the GRESB Standards and Assessments remain independent and reflective of the industries and members they were created to serve.

This call for nominations comes as GRESB is engaged in an 18-month stakeholder engagement process. It is a unique opportunity to shape the ESG standards that will impact the overall sustainability of infrastructure and real estate funds and assets on a global scale.

Nominations for Board Members open are until December 13

The Foundation Board will govern and oversee the development of the GRESB Standards as the foundation’s formal decision-making body.

The board will be composed of up to 13 members drawn from GRESB Members, Partners and Industry Partners, each serving for an initial three-year term. At least two-thirds of positions must be filled by Investor Members. The GRESB Foundation seeks a diversity of candidates from all regions of the world, and nominations can be made here through December 13.

Board Members will play a key role in shaping the future of GRESB Assessments, and we strongly encourage all Members, Partners and Industry Partners to consider nominating a representative for consideration. The Interim Foundation Council (five members currently on the Foundation Board) will review nominations with an aim to finalize the Board by the end of the year.

Nominations for Standards Committees are open until January 20

Under the direction of the Foundation Board, the Real Estate Standards Committee and the Infrastructure Standards Committee will oversee the development and maintenance of their respective GRESB Standards.

Each committee will be composed of up to 15 individuals from GRESB Members or Partners, who will serve two-year terms with the possibility of an extension. Nominations can be made here through January 20.

Note that these committees will replace the current Advisory Boards and Benchmark Committees. The Foundation Board will oversee the selection of committee members, who will be appointed in Q1 2022.

Nominations for Expert Resource Groups are open until February 20

To support the work of the GRESB Foundation, the Foundation Board will appoint subject-matter experts to one of two Expert Resource Groups, who will be available to provide technical expertise, industry resources and guidance through various Working Groups.

The Expert Resource Groups are open to all GRESB Members and Partners for an unlimited term. Working Groups will be formed from these groups as needed. Those interested in supporting the foundation as a member of an Expert Resource Group can nominate themselves here.