GRESB and the GI Hub announce strategic partnership to improve sustainability insights across the sector

GRESB and the Global Infrastructure Hub are collaborating to share data, improve ESG standards and build the evidence base for sustainable and equitable infrastructure investment.

Amsterdam, August 10, 2022 – GRESB and the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that formalizes an ongoing collaboration between the two organizations to engage a wider array of stakeholders, improve the quality and availability of ESG data and insights and continue building the evidence base for investing in sustainable and equitable infrastructure.

“We look forward to expanding our collaboration with the GI Hub through this new partnership,” said Sebastien Roussotte, Chief Executive Officer of GRESB. “Together, we can build upon the knowledge we obtain from GRESB infrastructure members, better highlight the critical role ESG plays in infrastructure investments and provide data-driven insights to benefit the wider infrastructure community. Through the partnership, GRESB is also eager to hear from the global market as we refine our product and service offerings to better meet the sector’s changing needs.”

In addition to helping inform the evolution of the GRESB Infrastructure Standards and Benchmark through regional and national engagements, the partnership facilitates collaborations such as those on the GI Hub’s flagship Infrastructure Monitor report on the state of investment in infrastructure and GRESB’s contribution to a GI Hub and G20 Infrastructure Working Group seminar, Scaling Up Sustainable Infrastructure Investment by Leveraging Private Sector Participation.

“We are pleased to formalise our strategic partnership with GRESB,” said Marie Lam-Frendo, Chief Executive Officer of the GI Hub. “The data insights the GI Hub provides help governments and the private sector leverage infrastructure investment to drive sustainable development. Through this collaboration with GRESB, we can offer deeper analysis of the risks and impacts of ESG in infrastructure projects and help stimulate the market forces required to place ESG issues at the forefront of decision-making for institutional infrastructure investors.”


Established in 2009, GRESB is the leading ESG benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world, used by 170 institutional and financial investors to inform decision-making.

About the GI Hub

Established by the G20, the GI Hub is a not-for-profit organisation that works to advance the delivery of sustainable, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure.