A look ahead to the 2022 Assessments

On November 30, we hosted the last GRESB Results Event of the year in Japan. Thanks to all of our Members and Partners for making this year’s series of events the success it was. If you missed a particular event that you are interested in, you can find all recordings on our Results Events page.

Now as we turn our attention to the year ahead, we want to highlight some important information regarding the 2022 Assessments.

Key Dates for 2022

For the full calendar of next year’s reporting cycle, please see the 2022 GRESB timeline. Key dates to keep in mind are:

  • March 1: Assessment reference guides will become available
  • April 1: GRESB Portal opens
  • June 1: Deadline to request a Response Check
  • July 1: GRESB Portal closes for the 2022 Assessment
  • September 1: Preliminary results are provided to participants
  • October 3: Release of the 2022 GRESB Results

 Minor Updates to the 2022 Assessments

In 2022, there will be minimal updates to the Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments, as we will be working closely with the new GRESB Foundation throughout the year to define our Five-Year Roadmap that will guide GRESB Standards into the future. This will help ensure stability for Members in the near term while giving the Foundation time to identify key priorities and introduce strategic improvements with our Members starting in 2023.

Below is a summary of the intended changes you can expect for 2022. Please note that the Assessments are still subject to change and will be finalized and published along with the Reference Guide and benchmarking logic in Spring 2022.

> Real Estate Assessment updates

> Infrastructure Fund Assessment updates

> Infrastructure Asset Assessment updates

You can find all updated documents on our website.