2018 GRESB Results Are Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 GRESB results are now available.  We have opened the Portal and contacted all participants and GRESB Investor Members. We have also reached out to the Sector Leaders to congratulate them on their performance.
Once again, our market coverage has grown for the Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments, underlining our position as the global ESG benchmark for the sector.

Real Estate Assessment Response Rate

This year 903 property companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), funds, and developers participated in the Real Estate Assessment, an increase of 6% on the previous year. The Assessment now covers more than 79,000 assets (of which more than 49,000 reported at the asset level) across 64 countries and represents over USD 3.6 trillion in gross asset value.
To add some market context to those numbers, the listed real estate dataset includes 75 of the top 100 largest REITs by market cap and, on the non-listed side, 75 of IPE’s Top 100 Real Estate Investment Managers (participating with at least one fund). Adding our Public Disclosure Dataset, the data has full coverage of the major developed listed real estate indices.



79,000 ASSETS


2018 marks another year of continuous increase in Real Estate Assessment participation



Infrastructure Assessment Response Rate

The Infrastructure Fund Assessment increased by 17% to cover 75 funds and the Infrastructure Asset Assessment grew by 75% to include 280 assets.
The Assessment now covers 24 of the 31 industry sectors across 62 countries and 6 regions. In addition, 41% of IPE’s Top 50 Infrastructure Investment Managers participate in the Fund Assessment, with at least one fund.





For the Debt Assessment, participation remained stable with 6 multi-national banks and 19 private equity real estate debt funds joining the benchmark.

Strong growth for the 2018 Infrastructure Assessments


Resilience and Health & Well-being Modules

Newly introduced in 2018, 157 entities participated in the Resilience Module (comprising 120 real estate and 37 infrastructure asset participants). The third and final year of the Health & Well being module saw participation rise once again to cover 297 real estate entities.

Thank you to all our Members, Partners and Participants

Thank you to our Investor Members, Company/Fund Members, Industry Partners, Partners and all participants in the Assessments for the time, attention and support you’ve given to the 2018 reporting cycle and we hope to see you at one of our Results Events
The Global Real Estate Snapshot will be published on September 11 and released at the Results Event in London. Regional results will follow, published online to coincide with the events taking place around the world. The Global Infrastructure Snapshot will be released on September 13 at the Results Event in Sydney, together with the online Infrastructure page.
For the dates, locations and programs, please take a look at the Results Events page.