“GRESB Data Partners” and the API

The GRESB API is focused on linking the GRESB Portal to data collection tools. Currently, this is only available for the Real Estate Assessments.


The GRESB API, currently only available for the Real Estate Assessment, is meant for submitting the data of the assessment. Data submitted through the API goes to the GRESB Asset Portal where a user can aggregate their asset-level data to the portfolio-level assessment. The aggregated data goes to the Performance Component of the Real Estate Assessment and covers the majority of the reporting requirements. Qualitative data can be submitted directly to the Management & Development Component of the Real Estate Assessment.

Use of the API is tied to a Data Partner account in the GRESB Portal, which allows for access token creation and provides access to the API endpoints. Partners signed up at the Global and Premier+ tiers are eligible for a Data Partner account. This is included in the membership fee. However, each submission via the API incurs a usage fee.

All Partners can access the API documentation and will receive regular updates about changes and new functionality to the API via the monthly Partner Newsletter to be informed. You must sign yourself up to receive this newsletter. A signup link is provided in the Partner onboarding email.

“GRESB Data Partners”

Partners signed up as Global or Premier+ are eligible to be labeled (on their Partner profiles) and searchable (via the Partner Directory) as “GRESB Data Partners”. Such Partners must have an application running using the GRESB API to receive this designation. These Partners are able to use the “GRESB Data Partner” logo and e-signature badge, as well as promote themselves as “GRESB Data Partners.”


Getting started

Check out more detailed information in our API documentation to see if this is right for you. And reach out to our business development team when you’re ready to sign up.

More information on the API

Connecting your application to the GRESB API normally takes around 1-2 weeks.