What support does GRESB provide to participants?

Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth reporting process. The Portal provides a Guidance tab for each indicator in the Assessment outlining the information to provide, we provide free online training, and the GRESB Helpdesk is here to answer your questions.

In addition, you’ll find the following tools and functionality in the Portal to help you in your reporting:

  • The pre-filling function adds the information you have already provided in previous years.
  • The document section provides an overview of documents you have submitted as evidence.
  • The Portal allows you to upload multiple documents as evidence per indicator, eliminating the need to merge different documentation into one file.
  • You can manage access rights, adding users with different levels of access.
  • We have implemented real-time error detection systems and warnings.
  • Automated data uploads for the Real Estate Assessment are available through the GRESB Asset Portal via the Asset Spreadsheet or GRESB API.  View GRESB Data Partners who can assist with data automation.
  • The Template Tool enables you to copy information across multiple submissions.

GRESB Partners can help you with your Assessment

GRESB Partners are leading sustainability consultants and solution providers who can assist you to efficiently complete your Assessment, manage ESG data and advance your ESG performance.

To identify partners who can help you, search the GRESB Partner Directory by type, region and service.