evolv1 becomes Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building – Design certified project

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has awarded Canada’s first-ever Zero Carbon Building – Design certification under the Zero Carbon Building Standard to the uniquely modern evolv1 urban office building in Waterloo, Ontario.
This certification signals a broader shift in the Canadian building industry. It sets a tangible example for building owners and policymakers across the country that zero carbon buildings are technically feasible and economically viable right now.
Due to be completed in Summer 2018, the vision for this three-storey, 110,000 sq.ft. commercial multi-tenant office building is the realization of a collaboration between the Cora Group, Sustainable Waterloo Region, the David Johnston Research + Technology Park and anchor tenant EY. It is one of 16 participants in CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Pilot Program.
The certification means evolv1 has demonstrated design excellence and provided documentation indicating that the project has:

  • Modelled a zero carbon balance for future operations
  • Incorporated a highly efficient energy and ventilation system to meet a defined threshold for thermal energy intensity
  • Designed onsite renewable energy systems capable of providing a minimum of five per cent of building energy consumption

Once complete, the building’s performance will be measured over its first 12 months of operation in order to demonstrate achievement of a zero emissions balance, which would allow it to earn a Zero Carbon Building – Performance certification. In addition, evolv1 is targeting LEED Platinum certification, further positioning the building at the leading edge.
Click here to read a detailed case study about the project and learn more about CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Standard at www.cabgc.org/zerocarbon.

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