Community Engagement at Regent’s Place


10 Brock Street, Regent’s place

Purpose of the project:
British Land’s 30-year involvement at Regent’s Place in London’s West End has seen the campus double in size, providing accommodation and amenities for around 15,000 workers and residents, as well as the local community. It is a great example of how we are able to create outstanding work environments by understanding occupiers’ needs and working closely with the local community. Its high-quality offices, well served by major transport links, are enhanced by restaurants, shops, a health club, a children’s nursery, landscaped open space, and community facilities including a theatre and art studios.
At Regent’s Place, British Land has been working with the local community and Camden Council since the early 1990s, when the company was a founding member of the West Euston Partnership, along with the council and other local stakeholders. All shared one common aim, to make the area a better place to live and work. Since 2007, British Land has contributed over £50 million to local infrastructure and initiatives through its community programme and planning agreements at Regent’s Place. Importantly, because the company has engaged with the local community, these contributions have funded things that local people really needed, such as:

  • New public spaces and better pedestrian links;
  • Affordable housing units;
  • Local infrastructure and facilities, including part-funding the refurbishment of Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre;
  • Community facilities on-site, such as a theatre, arts studios and an employment and training facility.

British Land’s support has included cash contributions, time invested in community projects and in-kind donations, such as accommodation for community partners at peppercorn rents. The company’s staff and senior managers are actively involved in community projects, including arts initiatives, reading support programmes, community days and local events, as well as fulfilling Board roles for key community partners for many years. British Land also provided advice and support that helped the West Euston Partnership secure and administer £6.5 million of regeneration funding from the Government, which was leveraged to a further £26 million to fund improvements to housing and services.
A review by social enterprise nef consulting highlighted successes in local regeneration, job growth, connectivity, housing, services and green spaces. Key achievements include: From 2004 to 2010, the area around Regent’s Place has featured in the top 1% of London performing areas where deprivation levels have substantially reduced. Since 2010, construction activity at Regent’s Place has supported the creation of 6,700 jobs contributing £257 million gross value added to the UK economy. 55% of people at Regent’s Place have benefited from new pedestrian routes created through our partnership with Camden Council and Transport for London. Since 2010, over 300 residential apartments have been created, including 50% affordable housing, as well as a theatre, art studios and an employment and training centre. Since 2009, carbon emissions have been cut in existing buildings by 6,900 tonnes. Councillor Nasim Ali OBE: For over 20 years, British Land has been working in partnership with local people, taking their needs and expectations into consideration. British Land’s genuine commitment is not just about the look and feel of Regent’s Place, but the area as a whole. Mohammed Joynal Uddin, Chair of the West Euston Partnership: British Land’s heart and soul are very much linked into the communities. From the bottom of my heart, from the community and from all my board of directors at the West Euston Partnership, we are truly grateful for British Land being in existence in the West Euston area.
“Unusually for a developer, British Land has continued its involvement in the Regent’s Place community once the development project has finished. They consider the community to be neighbours and continue to work with them, it doesn’t end when the buildings are built.” – Heather Johnson, Councillor for Regent’s Park Ward  

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