Case Study: The Great Energy Reduction Race

This article is part of a series of selected ESG case studies submitted by participants in the 2017 GRESB Real Estate Assessment.

“It’s a real win-win when you can use measures to reduce consumption and save resources and still effectively and efficiently deliver required services to your tenants.” – Laura A. Masapolla, Property Manager for One & Two Logan Square

Purpose of the project

In 2015, Brandywine set a portfolio-wide initiative to improve energy efficiency. As part of this initiative, Brandywine partnered with At-Site, Inc., a data-driven smart building consultant to benchmark energy usage and recognize areas for improvement. Two Brandywine Realty Trust assets, in particular, One & Two Logan Square, were under the spotlight as they were simultaneously entering the City of Philadelphia Energy Reduction Race, a city-wide competition to save energy at 39 of Philadelphia’s largest buildings. One & Two Logan Square are 31 and 34 story skyscrapers located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia.


AtSite Engineers began by conducting an initial assessment of the building, which included a detailed analysis of operations and energy consumption patterns. The assessment allowed the engineers to set a one year, 9.2% energy reduction goal in May 2016. To achieve this reduction, the engineers identified no cost and low-cost Energy Conservation Measures that would drive immediate energy savings at the property. The building’s performance was also monitored using utility data in order to identify any unusual energy spikes.


Brandywine implemented some of the recommended Energy Conservation Measures, including LED replacement of tenant and mechanical lighting, adjustment to the HVAC start-up and shut-down schedule, and insulation installment on the Domestic Hot Water piping system. Once these Energy Conservation Measures were complete, it was only a matter of time before energy savings were realized.


The program resulted in a 16.1% reduction in energy use over a 2014 normalized baseline in the first year. Thus, Brandywine exceeded their 9.2% energy reduction goal by nearly 7%. In total, this accomplishment yielded $347,000 in savings over the 12 month period. Not only did Brandywine succeed in achieving their energy reduction goal at One & Two Logan Square, but the property also won the City of Philadelphia city-wide energy reduction race by beating out the other 38 participants in their category. One & Two Logan Square had the highest reduction in energy use at 16.1%. Brandywine’s ability to reduce resources while still running an effective business is proof that sustainable practices can be equally effective and beneficial if done sufficiently.

This case study was submitted by Brandywine Realty Trust.

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