Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building – Performance certified project prioritizes carbon emissions as key metric

With its achievement of Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building – Performance certification in June 2018, Bentall Kennedy’s 100 Murray Street building in Ottawa highlights how any high-performing existing building can reach zero carbon emissions.
This existing 60,000 sq. ft. Class A commercial office space built upon its proven energy performance results and LEED Gold EB: O&M certification in 2016, to demonstrate that it did not contribute greenhouse gas emissions over a 12-month period of operations, with performance verified annually.
The certification showcases that the simple methodology followed by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)’s Zero Carbon Building Standard is broadly applicable, technically feasible and economically viable in existing buildings as well as new construction. The Standard is Canada’s first green building program to make carbon emissions the key indicator for building performance, reinforcing the importance of energy efficiency while also driving careful choices about the types of energy used and encouraging more renewable energy generation, both on the building site and offsite.
Click here to read a detailed case study about the project and learn more about CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Standard at

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