What are GRESB Results?

GRESB Results provide a practical way for GRESB Participants to understand their ESG performance and communicate that performance to investors and other stakeholders. Some stakeholders will seek high-level scores and key performance drivers, while others will want to review more detailed information. GRESB Results respond to both priorities, providing simple overall scores and absolute measures of performance as well as rich, detailed indicator-level insights and relative peer rankings.

GRESB Results are available in the GRESB Portal. The two primary reports are the GRESB Scorecard and Benchmark Report.

The Scorecard provides you with your overall GRESB Score, GRESB Rating and a summary analysis of how your performance compares to your peers.

The Benchmark Report includes a more in-depth analysis of your sustainability performance, providing the basis for competitive analysis and communication. The report starts with the Scorecard and is followed by indicator-by-indicator information of your ESG performance and how this compares against your peers. The report is designed to help you to identify areas of risk and opportunity, make informed decisions and deepen your engagement with investors. Learn more about the Benchmark Report.

If you participate with several entities, the Portfolio Analysis Tool allows you to analyze the relative performance of each entity and compare your aggregated portfolio to a self-selected benchmark. The Portfolio Analysis Tool is available to GRESB Members. Learn more about the Portfolio Analysis Tool.

The Data Exporter provides access to all data points in the Assessments. The datasets are available for download in .csv and .xlsx format so that you can integrate the data more easily with your existing portfolio management systems and use in your own modeling.

You can also download a report with all your Assessment Responses from the GRESB Portal. The report provides the detail of what you reported and is useful in helping you understand your Scorecard and Benchmark Report.