Crossing the Landlord / Tenant divide

Back in the mists of time when GRESB was a spreadsheet-based survey, the idea of full¬†consumption data was proposed. Imagine the screams as the suggestion was made that even single tenant, or FRI leaseholders might, one day, give their private consumption data to their Landlord. It assumed, to start with, that the Tenant even knew […]

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Asking for the impossible: Health & Well-being

Large open windows with a cool breeze coming in, a plate of fresh fish with home-grown tomatoes, the sea pounding the cliffs in front of us while the children play on the beach and my mother has a snooze. A typical day at the office, right? If only. However, whilst I have to acknowledge that […]

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Circular Sand

Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a well-known mantra, even for those who don’t spend most of their day thinking sustainability. But when it comes to recycling, how much do many of us know about the complexities and possibilities.¬† Here are some interesting facts about commercial glass recycling re-posted from Philippa Gill, Partner at Verdextra, a boutique […]

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