Resilience as a business opportunity – A practical approach to improve property preparedness

Presently, nothing is more prevalent in our daily lives than COVID-19. Governments have closed non-essential businesses causing economic hardship and hitting the real estate sector by missed rental payments and increased vacancy.

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A practical approach to assessing and managing physical climate change risks in global portfolios

Every day it’s impossible to avoid learning about another catastrophic climate event in mainstream media. Extreme weather can destroy properties and valuables, threaten lives and cripple businesses. The Financial Stability Board has deemed climate change a risk to the global financial system and launched the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to guide companies on how to disclose climate-related risks, opportunities and financial impacts.

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From Data Woes to Data Bliss: 7 Steps to Improve the Quality of Your ESG Data

Data may be kryptonite to many, but it’s essential for all. Good data—data that is accurate, comparable and easy to understand—allows sustainability managers to evaluate performance and provides incisive insights to help asset managers make informed investment decisions.

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