Health & Well-being in offices: are you a Squirrel or a Beaver?

Three among many examples illustrate this underlying trend: real estate projects now include plenty of services to tenants, certifications focused on health and well-being gain in popularity, and research projects try to quantify the impact of wellbeing on productivity.

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Sustainable procurement in the real estate industry: towards a better involvement of the supply chain

Sustainable procurement is nowadays of growing importance for real estate companies. It has evolved into a core issue for businesses, particularly in terms of cost reduction, mitigation of business risks, brand reputation and innovation.

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2019 will be the year of adaptation to climate change: the French perspective

Decreasing energy consumption (of buildings in particular) is one of the major priorities of energy and climate policy in France following the Paris Agreement in 2015. This decrease considers all activity areas, especially real estate, which accounts for a large share of French carbon emissions (27%). With its first “Low Carbon National Strategy”, France is […]

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