Hydrogen Batteries Driving UK Railways Towards Net Zero Targets

Pragmatism and ambition will be key to tackling the pressing challenge posed by climate change. In its 2019 report ‘The UK’s Contribution to Stopping Global Warming’, the Committee on Climate Change recommended that the UK Government should progress its delivery of Net Zero with far greater urgency whilst also ensuring the fair distribution of costs[1]. […]

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Responsible investors are leading the way to the post-pandemic recovery and the sustainable future ahead

With overall numbers of new cases and deaths continuing to decline and lockdown measures slowly being eased in most major economies, the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be abating. As countries start to rebuild in the months ahead, the crisis has clearly revealed a fundamental reshaping of investor priorities, accelerating trends which began long before the pandemic took hold.

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Smart Cities and the Global Digital Infrastructure Revolution

As the world begins to emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures are eased in the months ahead, the attention of decision makers will begin to shift towards the need to stimulate the recovery and to get economies up and running again. The crisis has already taught us many things, but perhaps one of the most poignant lessons is on the importance of digital infrastructure in sustaining economic activity.

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