Health and Well-being – what’s the point(s)?

If we strive to achieve GRESB Green Star accreditation and do not make serious efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of the occupants why bother? Why go to all that effort and only reach half of the building’s potential?

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Flood Risk and Climate Change: England Flood Planners must prepare for the worst?

Developers and investors must consider the risk of flooding to the development design, planning and investment process at the earliest opportunity to help inform the decision-making process. Early engagement with the Environment Agency (EA), local authorities and environmental consultants (such as Delta-Simons who specialise in flood risk and climate change for developers, occupier and investors) will ensure that the masterplan design includes suitable, viable and cost beneficial mitigation measures. By not considering climate change during the early stages of design and during the planning process, from a flood risk perspective, the risk of the planning application being objected to or occupiers being unwilling to sign leases increases along with potential delays to timescales due to reworking and spiralling costs.

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Natural Flood Management – “Myth or Masterstroke”?

What is NFM? Natural Flood Management (NFM) is currently a hot topic in the UK as there is debate as to what is included in NFM, whether NFM measures can solely be used in reducing flood risk or whether it is just a novel flood risk management option that has become a bandwagon that everyone […]

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